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Having worked for Advantest as both an employee and a contractor, Raspberry Communications principal Jill Sibert has been involved in the design and production of the companyís last four award-winning exhibits.

Advantest put Jillís knowledge to good use when it engaged Raspberry Communications as a vital team member in creating a new look for its exhibit ó one that was flexible enough to use at two annual shows with vastly different configurations.

Working through layout issues and material choices as well as traffic flow concerns, Raspberry Communications guided the designer and fabricator to ensure that Advantestís needs were met ó and their expectations exceeded. The result was an efficiently designed booth property that can be configured as a 40 x 50 double-decker or a 30 x 30 single-story structure. In either configuration, the new Advantest booth is striking as well as functional.

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A distinctive flair accompanies each event produced by the Raspberry Communications team. After several very positive engagements, we now consider Raspberry to be a natural extension of our organization, and a member of our team going forward.

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